Rainbow Sticker (2021)

Rainbow Sticker (Support Equality)

The Rainbow Sticker is designed to be distributed for people who support this cause. The stickers will be displaed at the gates and entrances of Buddhist facilities to demonstrate support. One of the core beliefs of Buddhism is that “All creatures should live happily.” As each color of the rainbow shines in its own color, Buddhism wishes that each person should shine in their own color as well.

Japan Buddhist Federation would like to appeal to the world that Buddhism promotes equality regardless of any differences. We will keep raising awareness through informative publications and seminars. For all other organizations and individuals who wish to display the Rainbow Sticker, we are happy to distribute them to celebrate the inclusive community. For the international Friends supporters, we have made the sticker downloadable online, so please feel free to print and create your own sticker with some conditions. We prohibit any manipulation of the image and usage outside personal usage. Please contact us for any inquiries regarding this sticker.


The Rainbow Sticker was designed by two LGBTQ artists. Kodo Nishimura (Buddhist monk in Tokyo) and Sergio García (Senior Creative Designer in Barcelona). Kodo says that LGBTQ individuals exist within Buddhism communities as well. Buddhism is not giving a hand to solve discrimination, but Buddhism is fighting and walking together with all people to end injustice.

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